All About Jails

All About Jails, LLC is a licensed corporation with the Secretary of State in the State of Washington.  The mission of All About Jails, LLC is to provide contemporary inspection services, which identify potential risks in jail operations for clients who retain our services.

Jails, regardless of size, are a complex operation, governed by local, state and federal statues, compounded by inhabitants who do not want to be housed in the facilities.  These circumstances, combined with shrinking budgets, can result in decisions or practices by local elected officials or jail administrator that may seem acceptable in at the moment, but may result in signification exposure and potential litigation.

All About Jails, LLC brings a positive teaching approach to the inspection or review process. This process in concert with the vision of providing an interaction between the inspector and facility employees leaves the decision makers and staff with the tools, resources and recommendations to reduce potential liability and exposure.