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Expert Witness

We provide expert opinions in writing for court, with depositions testimony on the subjects of in-custody inmate deaths (homicide, suicide or unspecified), use of force, inmate injuries and conditions of confinement.


One of the best ways to reduce risk is training at your facility for your line staff, supervisors and administrators. Bring your employees up to speed with recent case law changes on use of force, documentation and steps to avoid areas of increasing litigation (popular with Risk Pools).

Jail Risk Identification

Preventative services include full jail site visits, assessment of potential risks, recommendations for mitigation and discrete follow up reports or conferences depending on your needs and current situation.


To help determine if our experience, schedule and services fit with your needs, we provide telephone consultations, CVs and written proposals at no cost.

About Us

Reducing Potential Exposure in Jails

A jail is a complicated and dynamic environment, with constant pressures from inmates, employees, advocate groups, the courts and taxpayers. As a current practitioner in the field of Corrections, Mr. Bishop approaches your situation with litigation (after the legal action begins), your consultation (reviewing a claim regarding potential failures, injuries or inmate death), your inspection (to identify and mitigate areas of exposure, as he takes into account the primary function of providing a safe and realistic incarceration setting for all parties involved. As a current jail administrator, he is always keeping in mind that taxpayers and their insurance providers demand a fiscally sound and prudent approach in spending for recommended jail improvements.

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All About Jails, LLC Manager Richard J. Bishop on site digging into potential risks in jail operations.


Education, Certification, & Proven Results

Our principal jail specialist, Mr. Richard J. Bishop, has 35 years in Public Safety experience including 26 years in Executive Jail Operations, Management and Supervision, that is combined with 9 years of Executive Management in the Sheriff’s Civil, Records, Information Technology, Safety and Fiscal functions. Mr. Bishop’s Qualifications include certification in the State of Washington in Executive Management, Mid Level Management, First Line Supervisor and is a graduate of the prestigious National Institute of Corrections Executive Excellence program. This background allows him to opine on the vast and complex areas of jail operations, inmate death and inmate injuries. When working to reduce risk, this experience allows him to gather information on risk by conversing with executives, management, staff and inmates, producing a comprehensive view of a jails risk and provide realistic plans to mitigate potential exposure.

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