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All About Jails, LLC provides expert witnesses to assist you with litigation involving in-custody death; injury; medical services; and all aspects of conditions of confinement. Our experience at all levels of corrections operations, from the line officer to jail administrator, provides you with expert analysis a claims strengths and weaknesses.

When using the services of All About Jails, LLC, you will get the expert opinions of current practitioners in the field of corrections, based on the most current jail best practices, application of standards and training that address your claims and concerns.

If you operate a jail, we have a proven track record and model of risk identification, strategies of mitigation and consultations that take into account funding limitations and looks to leveraging our work with other facilities.

Our mission

All About Jails, LLC improves the corrections environment by sharing 35 years of public safety and consulting experiences, successes and education.

What We Do Differently

  • Works primary in local jails

  • Uses current practitioners in corrections

  • Is frugal with your dollars

  • 35 years of corrections experience and adding to meet your needs

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Education & Certification

Education, Certification, & Proven Results

Our principal jail specialist, Mr. Richard J. Bishop has 35 years of ongoing experience in public safety and corrections. As a current practitioner in the field of corrections, he brings practical, evidence-based experience, opinions and answers to your litigation or facility review.

Along with his experience, he has certifications at the state and national levels of jail operations and administration.

  • Graduate of the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Executive Excellence program

  • Executive Management Certification
    for the state of Washington

  • Mid-Level Management Certification
    for the state of Washington

  • First Line Supervisor Certification
    for the state of Washington

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